Balance well. Move well

"Not only has this program really helped my balance and eyesight in general. It has also helped lessen my anxiety issues as well. Who knew!." - Julie.

What can the Vestibular Reset do for me?

All balance lives in the brain and the Vestibular Reset has been created by Move2Perform to address and rectify your balance issues.

The Vestibular Reset will help you lessen and eradicate pain and anxiety issues as it will improve the input signals received by the brain. If you can improve the inputs then you can change the outputs and live pain free.

You will regain control over your body, allowing you to function better but most of all move pain free.

- Improve balance and visual ability

- Build better movement patterns

- Eliminate aches and pains

- Reduce anxiety

- Conquer old injuries

- Train pain free

- Access to all webinars on your own personal dashboard

- Lifetime access for a one off fee

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You aren't stuck with the balance and eyesight ability you're born with.

It also isn't inevitable that it declines with age.

Balance and vision are both skills that can be improved. These systems are vitally important in how your brain sees the world and how you move through it.

Because of this, improving your vestibular can help you get out of pain, control anxiety and most of all move better.

Your vestibular system plays an essential role between our body, gravity and the world. It provides our brain with information about where our body is in space.


It is responsible for informing us whether our body is stationary or moving, how fast it is moving, and in what direction.

If you have a vestibular problem, you will not be able to move well.

You might forget what moving freely is like, but you can always relearn and enjoy moving again.

The Vestibular Reset is individual. It can be tailored to your needs. After the initial 12 weeks you will be armed with all the knowledge to move well, see well and balance well forever,

Total balance program.

No equipment needed. Just simple effective exercises with simple explanations done at home.

The Vestibular Reset program is designed to:

Teach you how to test your vestibular system and why it is important to assess your progress regularly.

- Build real improvements where you need it in balance and stability. 

Give simple, clear instructions for building real improved balance and vision improvement foundations.

- Identify and rectify balance issues you may have.

Be accessible. All exercises are done at home with no equipment.

"This program really helped me get back on the rugby. I could properly track the ball. Team mates had to stop calling me fumbles!" - Stephen.

What you get:

A full program manual with over 10 instructional and test videos so you can easily learn and avoid common mistakes – no equipment or gym access needed.

- Lifetime access for a one time fee.

- Daily feedback and support from the Strength Through Movement Facebook group and Gareth and James.

- Extra resources such as webinar uploads and research articles, so you can keep learning as you progress.

"Move2Perform believes eveyone should be able to move freely and confidently." - Gareth

What you need:

- Thirty minutes to practice

- Commitment

- Consistency

This is more than enough to get you started. Once you feel the benefits, you can increase and adapt sessions to suit your needs.

Take the first step to learning about your body and what it can do when you give yourself the right tools.

Learning about your body is the best medication available. Relearning the confidence of great balance is the best way to get rid of aches, pains and old injuries that you may have given up hope of recovery from. Because when your brain gets good information, it allows you to move freely.

Take the first step. Buy now!

Frequently asked questions.

Is it really worth it?

When I really hurt my back. I went to physio once a week for about two months. Each session was £75.00 but I was in so much pain that I just wanted relief. In total that cost me about £600. When I hurt my bicep tendon that was another four sessions and again there were other countless sessions to loosen off tight or overworked muscles. A dysfunctional vestibular system can lead to neck and shoulder problems as well as headaches.


I don't even want to think about the true cost of all my physio trips.


The Vestibular reset program is £119.97, once. You have lifetime access to a lifetime of benefits.


Once people have bought the Vestibular Reset program they have found that they no longer suffer from tight necks and tension headaches as much or at all.



You will receive lifetime access to your online account where you access your course, and automatic updates and upgrades of any improvements we make to the program in future. 


What happens after I buy the program, how do I get access?

As part of the purchase process you will receive and email with the link and password to your course. 

If you don’t receive an email, make sure to check your spam/junk folder. If it’s not there either, simply drop us a link at and we will confirm your login details.


Once you’ve entered your unique password you will be able to access the course and navigate through all the videos & manuals easily. Everything is stored online for you, and any updates we make to the program will automatically appear for you.


I’m not very flexible, is it suitable for total beginners?

In short, yes.


The Vestibular Reset program is what you need to increase your flexibility in a safe way! 

Do I need equipment?

Nope, not at all! Every exercise can be done at home, at the gym, any where there is a floor!



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