An athletes nervous system is their interface with the environment. The more integrated it is, the more resilient they will be to the demands of their sport. The better the integration, the better the athlete can perform.


From Move2Perform

The brain controls everything you and your athletes do. You as a coach are always practicing neurology and your athlete is always practicing neuroplasticity. Whether you both know it or not.

The ability to perform in sport is based on how safe your brain feels.

If the brain can't handle the demands and stressors placed upon it, it will trigger a survival mode and restrict the ability to perform.

The nervous systems estimation of the bodies capabilities will dictate how an athlete moves.

Training physically hard isn't enough anymore.

There are other more important systems that dictate how well an athlete moves and integrates information inputs and these frameworks are already being used by the German national football team, Delta force and the US Navy seals. So why wouldn't you give your athlete the edge when it comes to performance?

Reaching the correct cognitive threshold in input integration training can make the difference between zero results and championship winning results.

Most sports are faster and harder than they have ever been. Athletes need to be cognitively fit and able to integrate input information fast and accurately in order to generate the appropriate movement or reaction.

Athletes that can process and integrate inputs in a short amount  of time and generate an appropriate reaction have an edge in competition.

At Move2Perform, we started The Movement Brain to educate coaches in applying integrated brain training into their coaches to give their athletes that extra 3% that wins championships.

Help your athletes reach their true performance potential.