Tomek had to give up the sport he loved because of injury. He started working with Gareth and now he is back on the road to training pain free

Thank you Gareth, this was mind blowing stuff. It's been many years since I was able to bend over and touch my shins. Looking forward to next weeks session.


I have suffered from oestoarthritis and chronic pain for 25 years and tried lots of physios, pain clinics, pain killers alternative medicine but nothing really worked. As you can imagine I was extremely sceptical about these exercises having any effect but I gave them a go. I’ve been doing them now for a month and I have noticed a big difference. Before my back would just go but this has been happening less- I can definitely feel my muscles in my back strengthening.
At first some of the movements are tricky but they do get easier the more you do the program.
I definitely recommend this program to anyone suffering from sore backs, hips and chronic pain. I can definitely feel an improvement


Monday morning, I could touch my toes straight away with no resistance from lower back muscles. Range of motion decidedly smoother in both shoulders. 

Can't get enough of the knee exercises, they just feel sublime.


Having a job that means I am at a desk for most of the day I have found the Mobility Reset program has helped increase my mobility and also helped remove any neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing.


Started your program today. WOW! It's shown me just how inflexible I was.


Gareth is a good instructor & really knows what he is talking about.


I have been following this Move2Preform from the beginning and found the streches really useful.


I work in a busy office and i'm glued to a computer screen for most of the day and it really used to tire my eyes out and give me a headache. I bought the Vestibular Reset to see if it could help and it definitely did. I really noticed the difference at work but vision in general improved as well. I didn't really know that things like eyesight and balance can worked on. I thought you were just stuck with it but you're not. Mobility Reset for me next!


As an avid triathlon competitor, the Mobility Reset has really helped keep me on the road and in the water.

I find I the increased mobility has really helped fend off those old reoccurring injuries I used to suffer from.

Well worth the investment to keep me competing.


Really easy to follow but my god does it do what it say on the tin! Really helped me get rid of my long term pain and get better movement range.

I can finally stop calling the physio every few weeks as now, when I feel any old pain creeping in I have my go to exercises.


Definitely noticing a difference! And the (possible) scar tissue in my knee has reduced a lot which is incredible!


Came away with new exercises and feeling better. Would recommend


I was impressed with their physical knowledge and have already noticed improvements on my injuries that have been complicated and difficult to heal.

A really friendly and professional atmosphere in their space.

I have no hesitation in recommending move2perform to anyone.


I had an extensive period of recovery following shoulder reconstruction surgery. Gareth has helped me get to a point where I feel strong and have confidence in my body again. We worked on not just my wonky shoulder, but also whole body conditioning, movement patterns, co-ordination, and diet.

Before I started working with Gareth, I felt I would have to deal with daily pain for life, and would be unable to return to my career, but now I feel like anything is possible! My pain levels are vastly reduced, I'm sleeping better, I'm stronger and happier than I've been in a long time, and a lot of credit goes to Gareth for guiding me onto the path to true recovery.


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