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Online Personal Coaching - 4 week block

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We know that sometimes, just working alone isn’t enough.


Sometimes you need that extra outside eye to see what you need to focus on and pin point exactly what you need to keep progressing.


Here at Move2perform we have years of experience working with professional athletes as well total beginners just starting their fitness journey.

No matter who you are, no matter what your goals are, Gareth and James will help you move better, move pain free and most importantly set you up to reach your goals.


We will work with you for four weeks to design a program incoporating the best bits of your current training with what we think you need to focus on after our four weeks working together. 

1. four week personal coaching starts in week one with a basic questionnaire covering your health and training history, from there the first week will consist of videos tests based on your questionnaire answers so your current ability can be assessed.


2. In week two will see you add in certain movements, that after assessment we feel will be          the most benificial to your overall training goals.


3. Week three will see us stripping back what we feel is not quite working and building on the      movements and exercises that do work. Adding complexity and and monitoring your form        through video assessment.


4. The fourth week sees the intergration into your current training. We send you a programe        with all of the exercises for the next four weeks so you can concentrate on what you love        to do with an improved programe developed from your current training and the intergrated      movements and exercises from our four weeks.


So just download this initial questionnaire and pop it back to us at - strengthenandmobilise@gmail.com - and lets get started!