Building strength through movement

Gareth Kelly

Gareth has always been interested in what makes a truly adaptive and adept human capable of complete control over their body. This led him into the world of circus, the National Centre for Circus Arts and its degree course. After completing his degree, Gareth performed internationally before focusing on coaching. He has coached all age ranges  from youth through to pensioner in a wide range of physical disciplines and health states.

This experience has led Gareth to understand that building a truly functional body with healthy movement patterns at any age requires neurological input as well as physical. Especially during injury rehabilitation and re-educating the body that it isn't broken, and that it can keep moving forward.

Gareth experienced this for himself when he suffered a major back injury in training  2013. Gareth has been able to fully recover from herniated lumbar discs with nerve impingement and partially torn bicep tendon by utilising his decade of experience as a performer, athlete and coach.



Building the bridge between body and brain

James Mc Cambridge

James' interest in neuroscience and psychology in movement training came from a desire to create a style of acrobatic training that promoted creativity without sacrificing technical proficiency.

After several years coaching elite gymnastics and repetitively drilling movement patterns he became convinced that a lack of diversity in training could be the cause of a significant number of injuries in the gymnastics world.

James then went on to perform and teach circus skills, training youth and degree students at the National centre for Circus Arts as well as at the Guildhall in London. Here he began implementing psychological principles into his training to help students effectively motivate themselves to accomplish their training goals.

Finally, after several rounds of surgery leaving damage to his facial nerve, James began researching the role of the nervous system in movement, and looking at movement training through a neurological rather than a biomechanical lens. After training with both the Academy of applied movement Neurology and Z Health (world leaders in holistic movement therapy) James now lectures internationally about the importance of holistic training for movement proficiency.

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