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our story

Gareth and James both have a background in high level acrobatics and movement having both graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts. Gareth toured internationally and James coached elite level gymnasts.

They have always been interested in what creates a truly adaptive and adept human capable of complete control over their body.

This led them into the world of neurology and how important the brain is in the experience of pain and restriction.

Having learnt to apply neurology and mobility movement techniques during their own recovery journeys has led Gareth and James to understand that building a truly functional body with healthy movement patterns at any age requires neurological input as well as physical.


Our primary focus at Move2Perform is developing the nervous system in movement.

We look at movement  and mobility training through a neurological rather than a biomechanical lens.

After training with both the Academy of applied movement Neurology and Z Health (world leaders in holistic movement therapy) we focus on helping others improve their overall health and function with a brain first approach. 

We have adopted principles from many training systems to provide well rounded training encompassing both the brain and the body.

Our courses build strength, mobility and movement capability, whatever the starting point to allow you to move in whatever way you want, confidently and pain free.

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