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" This takes out the guesswork but still allows you to be flexible. No fluff or equipment. Brilliant." - Nicola.

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" I can finally move again. I'm able to actually get out of bed in the morning, not roll out." - David.

Your brain is rewriting itself constantly so begin developing good movement patterns today.

Rehab lives in the brain, thats why we focus on a brain and body approach to beating pain.



Having worked with clients like Chelsea Football Club and numerous other professional performers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Gareth & James at Move2Perform have also over a decades experience in getting people back on their feet and moving again.

This includes arthritis patients, low back pain sufferers and people just wanting to move pain free.


 It doesn't matter if you are a professional athlete or you just want to walk upstairs without pain, we can get you there.


Check out what some of people we have helped move pain free have to say:



Gareth & James have experienced and recovered from severe injuries during their professional careers. These ignited an interest in neurology and how combining brain and movement based coaching can get people out of pain permanently. 

To read more about Gareth & Jame's journeys, click here.

Mobility Reset

Get back to what you love to do most, whether sports, the gym or even just moving pain free.

The Mobility Reset program contains the most effective at home drills to regain your mobility and increase your range of motion to get you moving pain free.

Don't stay in pain. Invest in yourself.

Because everyone deserves to move pain free.

Vestibular Reset

Improving your vestibular system can help you get out of pain, improve your sporting skill and help combat anxiety.


The Vestibular Reset is full of simple but effective neurology based exercises designed to fit your schedule and build a truly strong bridge between the body and the brain.

Because you are your brain.

Strength Reset

Building a strong foundation of bodyweight strength is vital to staying healthy, especially if you are new to exercise or returning from injury.

The Strength Reset uses requires only a Theraband and your own bodyweight to help lay the foundations of a truly adaptable and strong body.

Ideal for those new to strength training or if you are returning from an injury and looking to get back to training.



These programs are designed with everyone in mind, no matter the starting point.  Not only will these programs bring progress, but also consistency and confidence to your daily movement. 

The exercises we have included are tried and tested through years of experience working with clients from all walks of life.

We have chosen them because they are the most effective exercises for keeping your body functioning well so you can move pain free and be able to enjoy being active and developing good movement patterns for life. 

Don't keep working against your own body. If you ask the right questions, your body will work with you.

"This program has literally changed my life and the way I move. I'm training better now than 10 years ago." - Adrian.

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