Win Your Movement Back

Finally, a simple online program giving you the education & framework to reclaim your life.

Helen A

I had an extensive period of recovery following shoulder reconstruction surgery.

M2P has helped me get to a point where I feel strong and have confidence in my body again.

Colleen E

I have suffered from Osteoarthritis and chronic pain for 25 years but nothing really worked.

I have noticed a big difference. Before my back would just go but this has been happening less - I can definitely feel my muscles in my back strengthening.

Susan C

Thank you, this is mind blowing stuff.

It's been many years since I was able to bend over and touch my toes.

Looking forward to the next session.


It's not ok to be in pain

 Learn the best methods that work

from people that have been there.

- Bullet proof knees worth £39.99

Get rid of knee pain for good.

- Supple spine worth £39.99

Build strength, stability and flexibility.

- Strong shoulders worth £29.99

Fix your shoulder problems.

- Vestibular Reset worth £197.99

Build your balance ability

- Ankles and feet worth £23.99

Beat foot and ankle pain.

- Wrists and hands worth £29.99

Build dexterity.

- Strength Reset worth £157.99

Build real strength at home.

- Warm up to your day worth £39.99

Your daily movement dose.

- Low impact mobility worth £69.99

Start moving safely and gently.

- Webinars and lectures worth 99.99

Learn why your body does what it does.

Give yourself the tools to get out of pain for good.

We want you to move well so,

you get all of this PLUS the main program for just £67.97 - For life!



Move 10 Years Younger

was born

We didn't always move well.

"I did this program a month ago with a shoulder injury from playing contact sports and a back injury from a skiing accident 15 years ago. I've already noticed a huge difference in my range of motion and I am in far less pain than than I have been after both injuries." - Stephen C.


- One off fee for lifetime access

- Access to all webinars

- Access to all lectures.

- Access to private FB group

- No equipment needed

- Train at home.

- Improve and strengthen joint function.

- Conquer old injuries.

- Eliminate aches and pains.

- Train pain free.

- Build real longevity

- Focused knee, back, shoulder, spine, feet, hands, low impact mobility and strength building at home courses.

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